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INbodied Life with Lauren Taus

Sep 9, 2019

Sulaiman Khatib spent 10 brutal years as a young man in an Israeli prison for stabbing a soldier as an act of resistance. He was 14 years old when he started his sentence. While most might develop more rage in the conditions that he survived, this man became a committed peace maker. He cofounded Combatants for Peace, a bi-national, grassroots nonviolence movement in Israel and Palestine, and he has been compared in the press to a modern-day GandhiMartin Luther King Jr or Nelson Mandela.


In this conversation, we speak about the importance of moving beyond national identity to see a shared humanity and the need to connect activism to the heart. 


What You Will Learn: 


1. Why focusing on the emotional aspect of the conflict is important as a means to heal intergenerational trauma and imagine new stories

2. Why optimism makes sense, and how The Holy Land is full of medicine. Did somebody say Middle Eastern Ayahuasca? 

3. The importance of mothers and nature 




1. Combatants for Peace

2. Read Sulaiman's Writing

3. Souli's Facebook