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INbodied Life with Lauren Taus

Nov 2, 2020

This series of conversations came out of the K-Dome, a virtual camp within this year’s Multiverse, Burning Man’s digital landscape. I collaborated with my mentor Dr. Phil Wolfson and the Ketamine Research Foundation with its Indra’s Net Coalition to put together over 90 hours of content on psychedelic medicine. I will be sharing some of my favorite hours with you here, and I hope you enjoy them all. 


In this conversation, I sit down with Dr. Adele Lafrance, Deanna Rogers, Dr. Ido Cohen and Kyle Buller to discuss psychedelics as a disruptive technology and how we can best integrate these experiences to optimize the benefit for both individuals and for the systems that hold us all. 


As a psychedelic assisted therapist, this topic is of the greatest importance. Transforming a powerful psychedelic experience into a powerful life change takes real effort, and learning how to do that well is what will allow the psychedelic community to be a bridge between the world that is and the world that can be. My deepest wish is for experiences to be more than amusement park rides for the mind, but rather moments to trigger permanent, positive changes over time.


What You Will Learn: 


  • What gets dis-integrated with psychedelic experiences, how dis-identifying with who we think we are allows us to access more of our true nature, and what can happen when we widen our scope
  • Why informed consent is imperative and why you shouldn’t just blindly trust a facilitator
  • The importance of support after a psychedelic experience, and why choosing authenticity over attachment can be a real challenge 
  • The ways in which psychedelics hold the promise to create systems change beyond the individual heart 




Dr. Adele Lafrance’s Website: Emotion Focused Family Therapy


Deanna Rogers Website: Integrating Ayahuasca


Kyle Buller’s Website: Psychedelics Today


Ido Cohen’s Course: Psychedelics and the Shadow