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INbodied Life with Lauren Taus

Sep 23, 2019

Hebron, which means friend, is a 4500 year old, hotbed in the Southern West Bank. In this conversation, we meet Yishai Fleisher, the international spokesperson for the Jewish community there. Yishai is also an Israeli broadcaster and a frequent columnist for major news websites. We speak about who is living in Hebron and why while we dive into the complexity of the city that he represents. 


What You Will Learn: 


1. Why peace isn't the right conversation to have about the Middle East

2. The complexity of guns as hot weapons and the unkindness of an army

3. The importance of Jewish self determination, defense and the Jewish "fighting spirit," specifically against jihadists  

4. The power and importance of narratives, recognizing the shared, Semitic experience between Jews an Arabs in The Holy Land 




1. Yishai Fleisher

2. A Settler's View of Israel's Future in the NYT

3. The Jewish Community of Hebron



1. Yishai's Twitter

2. Yishai's Instagram

3. Yishai's YouTube