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INbodied Life with Lauren Taus

Nov 9, 2020

This series of conversations came out of the K-Dome, a virtual camp within this year’s Multiverse, Burning Man’s digital landscape. I collaborated with my mentor Dr. Phil Wolfson and the Ketamine Research Foundation with its Indra’s Net Coalition to put together over 90 hours of content on psychedelic medicine. I will be sharing some of my favorite hours with you here, and I hope you enjoy them all. 


In this conversation, I sit down with Dr. Joseph McCowan, Charlotte James and Undrea Wright to discuss psychedelics, anti-racism and transformative justice. We talk about psychedelic harm reduction, anti-racism as a form of harm reduction. We explore the historical harms of the medicine community on the BIPOC community and how its still affecting communities of color while also leaning into personal responsibility. How can we be better with one another? How can we celebrate our shared humanity?


This conversation is moving into a 4 part series on social justice. The course will invite us all to confront personal bias through ceremony, and integration for collective liberation. Link in show notes to join.


What You Will Learn: 

  • Why cultural competency is not enough and the absolute need for BIPOC representation in psychedelic medicine
  • The significance of the BIPOC community’s painful historical relationship with the medical community and the police in the United States 
  • The breadth of microaggressions and how harm can be tied to inaction or silence; how to engage in models of harm reduction  
  • The importance of joy and rest in sustaining anti-racism




Psychedelic Anti-Racism Course with All of US!

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Mutual Ceremony Fund

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