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INbodied Life with Lauren Taus

Sep 8, 2020

Psychotherapist and Yoga Teacher Melissa Whippo is a pioneer in the maternal wellness space with 20 years of experience. Her work is deeply influenced by attachment theory, object relations, mindfulness meditation and herbalism. Currently, she offers Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy at the Center for Transformational Psychotherapy in San Anselmo. She also has a private practice. 


Melissa is the ultimate champion for women. In this conversation, we talk about tripping mama’s, the challenges and blessings of motherhood and the importance of self care. 


What You Will Learn: 


  • How ketamine assisted psychotherapy can be a safe and powerful treatment for postpartum depression, and for mama’s in general
  • The importance of a Time-Out for mothers as they recalibrate and reclaim themselves after giving birth; the normality of intrusive thoughts
  • The beauty of a blended family and using language in a more loving way
  • Why telling yourself the truth, sustaining practices of self care and leaning into sisterhood is powerful medicine, and the responsibility of women to uplift the voices of other women who are most often unheard
  • Learning from plant teachers how to celebrate the uniqueness of every body




Melissa’s Website

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